5 comments on “words to heal, words to hear, words to …..

  1. Your words bring back a lot of memories. In my case, the whole town knew and had stories about this man and yet he was permitted to be a caretaker in a public school. In later years, my mother could recall warnings in her youth about him. Why was this predator allowed to be in a position of power? I think it should be possible for me to be able to go back and sue all those school trustees etc. for not protecting my well being. If I had been injured by a poorly maintain unsafe piece of school equipment, the school could be sued. I was permanently injured by a system that permitted a predator to lurk in the hallways, the girls’ washrooms, and molest at his leisure. Someone should be accountable for my pain because I was only a child, but those adults left me to shoulder the pain.
    Bryant, even though I have experienced something similar, I will not say I understand what you are going through right now. I do think that for me, it has made me a different person. You know what? It has taken a lot of years, but I feel pretty good about myself. My molester has been dead for many years now, but I still remember the rush of freedom I felt when I learned of his death. There was a poem on our wall at school when I was growing up that was about success. I do not remember much about except the last line…success is to know the world is a little better because I have lived. I can truly say I am a success, could he?

  2. thanks for your feedback!

    unfortunately stories such as ours are all too common. my abuser was introduced to my mother through the school system and subsequently became my babysitter and my brother’s Scout Leader.

    from my perspective it is the collective denial of this issue that keeps it keeping on, generation after generation, town after town, child after child.

    it sounds to me like you have done a lot of healing around this yourself and I too see this experience as ultimately creating the person that I am today, and I can honestly say that I like that guy.

    “I think it should be possible for me to be able to go back and sue all those school trustees etc. for not protecting my well being”

    i would think that you can if that is what you wanted to do (the school board anyway),

    it seems like the only way that the truth of the scale of this type of abuse only gets told when someone has to pay out $$$$, the catholic church being the most obvious example of this.

    thanks for sharing,

    peace and love


  3. I stumbled on this website and read this. I am so sorry. It has been about 20 years since I knew you but I had no idea you were hurt in this way. Looking back I see you in a different perspective. good luck to you and your life

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