2 comments on “Nothingness and Everythingness

  1. Hi Bryant

    Just enjoying your space. Thought I would send my poetic version of “I am”

    I am meek
    I am mind
    I’m a woman
    with inner child

    I am life
    I am force
    I am gentle
    along the course

    I am old
    I am young
    I am forever
    Since time begun

    I am energy
    I am electric
    I am currency
    My faces – eclectic

    I am water
    I am stone
    I am elemental
    I stand alone

    I am life
    I am hi-fi
    without females
    life would die

    I am plant
    I am egg
    I am insect
    female I said …

    I am fresh water
    I’m fertile land
    Solid as granite
    Plyable as sand


    I Look forward to meeting you!

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